Bridging the Gap in Children's Books

Many children receive young earth teaching by default. An increase in children’s literature about faith and science can help address the conflict narrative early.

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Great concept. In my culture in the US Bible Belt, kids are more likely to taunt other kids with “I believe in God, not science,” but a resource like this is useful there also.


Oooh, I look forward to reading that book! (Here’s the GoodReads blurb in case anyone’s interested:

Most of the time I agree with the idea that evolutionary creationism does not need any kind of “special” science books since science is not in conflict with faith. But when the only time science ever comes up in a Christian bookstore (at least for kids) it is pushing young-earth theology, then it makes sense to have some alternatives that try to bring science and faith together rather than pitting them against each other.


It might help if you could inform YEC parents that modern YECism came from the Seventh-Day Adventist founder and her visions of the creation.

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