Bravo on the educational content!

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Continuing the discussion from This Week in Creation: Black Holes, Pig-Snouted Turtles, and RoboBees:

Just a bit of cheerleading here: I was so happy when I saw this column that I nearly cried. More! More!

Also, your related Facebook post naturally addressed homeschoolers and science educators, but of course this column will be of great interest to all parents and grandparents in the BioLogos community, and especially (if I may add one other specific demographic) parents of kids enrolled in anti-evolution Christian schools who need to supplement their children’s science education with content like you’re offering.


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@AMWolfe Thanks so much for the encouraging words! @mahalarethlake and @cstump put in a lot of amazing work to put this together.

Please share this with your own friends and family who might benefit from it. We’re advertising in our own networks, but we will rely on word-of-mouth as well. Because an educational resource is not as “edgy” and “controversial” as other things, it often doesn’t get as much traffic.

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Unfortunately, with respect to these matters, at present I need to remain a bit “underground” in my community, or else I would be promoting your educational content heavily!

I agree that BioLogos-style educational resources, especially for kids, will not likely generate much traffic in the current American evangelical context, but I would encourage you to keep investing in them. Why? (1) Because as the movement gains traction and people feel increasingly open to teaching the EC perspective to Christian children, the resources will already be there, and (2) because creating educational resources for the younger ages is part of seeing any theological or philosophical movement reach maturity, that is, seeing it move from the domain of the elite / intellectual to the level of daily church and family life. And that is, indeed, where evolutionary creationism belongs!

So thank you again, and du courage.

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