Brain, science and Christianity. Very important

Hello! I am new to this forum and therefore I apologize if this topic has already been discussed. I am an Orthodox Christian and am interested in science. The latest scientific evidence made me worried and gave me some doubts about my faith. All our mental activity is explained by the work of the brain, our morality, our feelings also have a materialistic explanation. Some scientists say that good and evil do not exist and all our moral standards were passed down to us from animals. The posthumous experiences of people are also explained scientifically without resorting to the supernatural. The experiments of neuroscientists call into question free will. Since all this is material, then where can God find a place? Even religious experiences are explained by the work of the brain. Experiments have been conducted where people have been stimulated by areas of the brain and they have religious experiences. Where, then, is the place for the soul? Are There Christian Neuroscientists Whose Books You Can Read? I would be grateful for your answers, this is very important for me!

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Doubt, is a healthy, integral part of real faith @Altair. Worry is a natural consequence and is best dealt with by positive distraction, after telling God about it of course: reaching out to others, a good book, nature, going for a walk, doing this. That’s what I do!


Perhaps so, but how could it be any other way? We are material beings living in a material world. (Sounds like an old song by Madonna. Which itself sounds strange for me to think of a song by Madonna being old, as really nothing since the Elvis is really old…). Anyway:
I think the mechanics of how we operate tell us little of our purpose and ultimate meaning. And disorders of those mechanics, such as strokes, dementia, and injury, while affecting expression, do not diminish our spiritual relationship. Of course, the issue we face is whether that spiritual aspect is real or a construct of our minds. A modern take on an age old question.
The issue of free will, while defined neurologically, has long been debated theologically in the Calvinist/ Arminian discussion. In my ignorance, I do not know what the Orthodox view is of free will, so I am open to enlightenment. In any case, it seems free will is not a hill to die on for your faith, and if anything quantum mechanics leave room for uncertainty and perhaps free will has a place there.

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Sounds like cause to doubt the religion of Neoplatonism. Guess the insertion of all that dualism nonsense into scripture was a bad call.

LOTS of people have been denying the existence of evil for a very long time. Whole religion in fact, and quite a few Christians even. By comparison, I don’t see so many scientists claiming such a thing.

Probably the most famous one is William Newsome:

Some of his lectures and book chapters are linked here:


They don’t have to, they don’t need to.

thanks for the answer! free will in Orthodoxy implies a choice: to sin or not, to accept Christ or not. I think there is no difference in the understanding of free will in Christian denominations. I agree with your words about the purpose of life and the meaning of a person, but some scientists, such as Dawkins, say that there is no purpose and this is proven by science. Is this really proven by science (sorry for the stupid question) or is it just the personal opinion of individual scientists?

thanks for the answer! when I talk about scientists who deny good and evil in the world, I mean Dawkins and his colleagues. They constantly declare that this is nothing and that scientists who believe in God are stupid people. Does their point of view really have strong scientific evidence, or is it just their own opinion? Thank.

Thank you very much!

Thanks for the answer! I agree with you, but the statements of atheist scientists brought me to depression and deprived me of the meaning of life, I try to get out of this state. Fyodor Dostoevsky said that if there is no God, then everything is allowed. For me, God is my whole life and I cannot live without Him.


Nothing they can ever say can touch faith @Altair. Absolutely nothing. Do you want Jesus to be real? All of science cannot, will not, ever invalidate that. It can actually help a clearer, better view of Him. It does for me. It takes away the nasty narrow dogma, the limited view of God, the inadequacy of God. Occupy till He comes.

First of all greetings from an orhodox to another and welcome!!

Not all,not always

No ones knows really but apparently we have one

Not at all! A healthy mind is capable of chosing right vs wrong. Our actions are not “predisposed” (couldnt find a better word sorry )by our brain rather they work along with the brain

Never listen to those who dont love God, there is no truth in them. They are lovers of self and sin and will only lead you into darkness. They have made themselves enemies of God and they despise Jesus who died to deliver us from sin. Jesus alone has the power to save you from sin and the wrath of God. There is no truth inn them, run from the counsel of the wicked, they are enemies of the cross of Christ. The counsel of the wicked is death but the word of Jesus is Everlasting Life.
Why allow the words of man to cause you concern when it contradicts the words of Jesus? The words of man are just that, mans words but the words of Jesus is the Word of God. Place your trust in what God says and you will have peace.
The Word of God says that the carnal mind is not subject to God and can’t be so dont be bothered by what a carnal person says. Their thoughts will be a trap and a snare to a believer if they are listened to and believed.

Hi and welcome to the forum! We have some podcast episodes on some neuro/psychology issues like forgiveness, prayer, as well as where we maybe evolutionarily learned belief.

I’d encourage you to check out the episodes with Justin Barrett, Prayer (themed episode), Agustin Fuentes, Charlotte vanOyen-WItvliet, and Mari Clements.


Hello! thanks for the answer! I am also glad to meet you

Thank you!I will definitely check it out.

No evidence. This gets into the difference in science and sciencism that is, a philosophy or religion if you will, based on science.

Dr. Caroline Leaf is a Christian neuroscientist whose books, videos and website may be helpful.

Godspeed. Ray.

Typing on phone as internet down, so forgive typos. We can perhaps explain how things work, and how things like morality, consciousness, and such developed, but it really does not tell us purpose. Those writers are crossing over from evidence of function to having it explain meaning, and the evidence just does not address that.
Now, I understand and am empathetic to the atheist view that there is no deeper meaning than the present, but do not hold that view. I also freely admit I can no more prove God than they can disprove his existence.

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Thank you very much

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