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Hey there, I’m looking for books and resources for kids that specifically reference (positively) theistic evolution or that profile scientists who are outspoken about reconciling their faith and belief in evolution. I’d also be open to non-fiction or fiction books for upper elementary/middle grades that depict Christianity in a positive way without being preachy.

My nine-year-old, having been confronted with this common idea you can either have faith or science but not both, has emphatically decided, “Science.” I want to respect her beliefs (or lack thereof), but I’d love to provide more context and show her it’s not weird to believe in God and evolution (no matter what her grandmother may have told her).

Any book/video recs are much appreciated. We have CuriosityStream as well as Netflix, Hulu etc if there’s anything there that might be good for a smart, skeptical nine-year-old. I signed up for the virtual Biologos conference and I’m hopefuly that perhaps something will work for us to watch as a family.


The most explicit book on the topic that I have run across is the middle grades novel Science Geek Sam and His Secret Logbook. You can read Kendra’s review here:

Rebecca McLaughlin, the author of Confronting Christianity (an award-winning apologetics book), has a book for teens out. I haven’t read it, but I know she is married to a scientist and is EC-friendly. There is a chapter on science, excerpted here. It’s published by Crossway, which is a pretty conservative Reformed Evangelical publisher. That is a bonus for some and a red flag for others, so evaluate accordingly.

If you are looking for testimonies about people coming to terms with evolution as Christians, the Language of God podcast has lots of interviews with scientists and Christian leaders and might be more accessible than a book. Language of God - BioLogos
There was one that interviewed two college students that deals with the theme of you can’t have faith and science, you have to choose.
Finding Harmony | Garrett & Amanda - Podcast-episodes - BioLogos


Welcome! I have run into the same sort of things with my kids. I’ve used resources from Biologos, and it’s helped me a lot. @Christy will give you some recommendations.

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Thank you so much! I just ordered Science Geek Sam. I think my daughter will love it.


BioLogos has a helpful page of resources for K-12 educators that contains some books that have already been mentioned: K-12 Educators Resource Center - BioLogos

Some are general science books that don’t mention faith, but one that caught my eye is: Dinosaurs: Exploring the Scientific Mysteries of God's Creation - Resources - BioLogos

I think that’s the first book I’ve heard of that talks about God and dinosaurs without tying faith in to young-earth creationism. I haven’t read it so I can’t say more than that, but it looks interesting.

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that looks great–thanks, Christy! I just pointed them out to my 14 year old, and we’ll go over some of them together.

@Guinevere , my 14 year old also liked Science Geek Sam.
My 11 year old is reading about philosophy for kids, and Sharon Kaye’s book seems helpful. She is a teacher at a Jesuit college in OH. Big Thinkers and Big Ideas: An… book by Sharon Kaye PhD (

Thanks. Best wishes!

All of the God Made books from Faraday also are EC friendly :slight_smile: They’re a little younger, but have a lot of words…so I think it might still be okay for your little!

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