BONUS Podcast Episodes

I did a bad job at letting you know about the bonus episodes of the podcast we’ve had going this summer before Season 2 starts next month…Sorry about that!

Here are the episodes that we released.

Cool Creations

The Science and Theology for Emerging Adult Ministries (STEAM) Project

Question & Answers

Did you submit a question that got selected? What is your favorite cool creation?

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Thanks for posting. Will try to listen next week while traveling.

For those of us who are technologically challenged, what do you guys find is the best venue to listen to the podcasts? I just got bone conduction headphones for my birthday, look forward to using them.

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Depends on your phone! If you have an android, Google Podcasts. and if you have an iPhone, the Apple Podcast app is the easiest!
You can also listen to them at the links I provided, straight from the website, both on mobile and desktop. Whatever works for you!