Black hole photograhed for the first time

(Christy Hemphill) #1

Here’s a fun current event article for all the kids who love space:

(Phil) #2

Ummm, looks like a donut! That is really neat, and pretty amazing that it looks like they predicted, which supports it as being good science. A little fuzzy, but what do you expect for a subject 55 million light years away.

(Laura) #3

Sauron’s eye. That’s all I’m seeing here. :wink:

(Matthew Pevarnik) #4

Great. Now I can show this to students I get who think that black holes are cop-outs by evolutionists.

(Christy Hemphill) #5

What does space have to do with evolution?

(Daniel Fisher) #6

That is very impressive, and neat link.

However I can’t help but laugh at the certain amusing irony… Since a black hole is something from which light can’t escape, and a photograph is essentially capturing the light or other electromagnetic radiation that emanates from an object… we got a photo of something which by definition is unable to be photographed!

It sounds a bit like capturing an especially high resolution photograph of complete darkness. In theory, if someone managed to get an especially close up picture of a black hole itself, it would probably be identical to the photographs I accidentally take when my ipad’s cover is closed…! :open_mouth:

But in seriousness, it is a picture of the effects of the black hole, and a picture demonstrating the conspicuous absence of light in otherwise normal space, and the gravitational effects of the hole on the light around it. It is very impressive, and yet another confirmation of the ideas predicted by physics.

(Matthew Pevarnik) #7

Easy, the same reason this sign reads ‘according to evolutionary threory:’

(Daniel Fisher) #8

Still not following what the black hole has to do with evolution. Young earth creationism, I can make a vague connection (but that relates to age of cosmos), but not evolution specifically?

(Christy Hemphill) #9

I think the point was creationists conflate all science with evolution. Evolutionary theory doesn’t have anything to do with polystrate fossils, but the people who made that sign confuse standard geology with “evolutionary theory.” For people like Ken Ham, anything that implies “millions of years” equals “evolutionary theory.”

(Daniel Fisher) #10

Ah, got it. Even so, I could still forge a connection between a fossil and evolutionary theory, as there is admittedly some relationship there (as we discussed at length on recent pages!!) … whereas any connection between the theory and a black hole completely eluded me.

(Phil) #11

Yeppers. The real problem for YEC is not evolution, but deep time.

(Mervin Bitikofer) #12

It’s a great future science quiz question answered. What color is a black hole? … right after the “what color is the whitehouse” question.

I think it may also be the cosmic sinkhole that collects one sock from a pair, as well as lids that fit a Tupperware container, none of which will ever be seen again, according to science.

(Christy Hemphill) #13

Here was a nice video explaining why the image looks the way it does: