Black families increasingly choose to home school Kids


In the last 15 years, the number of black children in homeschool has doubled from 103,000 to about 220,000. Black parents cite a number of reasons for homeschooling children, including concern over peer pressure and drugs at school – but increasingly, they are also citing school-related racism as a reason to keep students at home. PBS NewsHour Weekend’s Ivette Feliciano reports.

Watch the video clip from PBS (about 11 minutes long):
Black families increasingly choose to home school Kids

(Brad Kramer) #2

This is really interesting. Growing up in the homeschool community in eastern Pennsylvania, I do not remember a single non-white family. For various reasons, it didn’t strike me as odd back then.


It would be nice if the different homeschooling groups could reach out to each other.

(Phil) #4

There are homeschooling forums and such that are very active, somewhat similar to this one. It is interesting as to the black homeschoolers. I think our local group has maybe one family in it who is black. Lots of different reasons like perceived poor quality of public schools, religious reasons and moral issues have fueled the white homeschool movement traditionally, and it is similar to racial conflict being a factor in black families homeschooling. The universal thought is that we all want what is best for our kids. It is interesting that homeschooling is fairly popular in secular groups now as well, with people who have mobile jobs or advocations also being active. I used to be pretty active in sailboat forums, and a far number of cruising families participate in homeschool.