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if you had to pick 1 book for me to understand what biologos believes, which book would it be?

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You can find Biologos-recommended books here, (found under the Resources menu on the home page … then go to ‘Recommended Books’). The first one there is Collins’ “Language of God”. That’s an easy one to bring up since he is a founder of the organization. Other good books are there too.

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I might also add that if you want to know what Biologos officially subscribes to, then check out the the “What We Believe” page also found in the ‘about us’ at the home page.


Welcome, seeker. Mervin’s suggestions are spot on. Keep in mind that Biologos is a fairly"big tent" organization, so there is a fair amount of diversity within the ranks.

Welcome to the forum! What aspect of “the conversation” are you most interested in? Biology? Geology? Biblical interpretation? Theology? Ancient near east worldview? Adam and Eve?

There is a lot out there and different books have different focuses. John Walton’s Lost World series is good for people interested in the Bible interpretation/cultural anthropology aspect. Darrel Falk’s Coming to Peace with Science or Deborah and Loren Haarsma’s Origins is good for an introduction to the science issues. If you want to understand the whole BioLogos/evolutionary approach to the Bible and science and how it is different from Old Earth Creationism you might like Old Earth or Evolutionary Creationism: Discussing Origins with Reasons to Believe and BioLogos. Dennis Venema and Scot McKnight address the Adam and Eve question in terms of genetics and biblical interpretation in Adam and the Genome.

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Adding to what has already been suggested and attempting to address your question as directly as possible, I would choose The Language of Science and Faith by Francis Collins and Karl Giberson. Collins is the founder of BioLogos and Giberson was formerly a vice president.

As I understand it, the book has it origin in an FAQ page that Dr. Collins was maintaining in response to the deluge of questions he received after writing The Language of God. As such, it is presented in a question and answer format and very accessible. It likely doesn’t have the depth that some of the other books recommended so far (many of which I’ve not yet read) do, but for an introduction to the science, history, and approach to Biblical interpretation that shape the BioLogos perspective, I think it would be a great starting point.

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