Biologos Homeschool Convention?

I am looking into going to the Great Homeschool Convention, but does Biologos have any plans to represent at ANY homeschool convention, even though there are plenty of YEC resources there?

Just curious. Would love to see EC faces.



That would be absolutely fabulous!

Might end up with another kerfuffle (is Ken Ham allowed at GHC yet? He was banned at least for a while after the last kerfuffle), but worth it to get exposure. :slight_smile:

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There are some plans, I think.

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I agree that would be great! Not that there are any major conferences up my way, but having some in-person “representation” would hopefully challenge some people (and be an act of bravery in itself :wink: ).

That would be great. I would enjoy volunteering for that. Might be interesting to look at other major meetings also to set up a booth.

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Hi @astephens!

Kathryn and I will be attending and hosting a booth at the GHC in Ohio in April! :slight_smile: She would know more about other ones, but that’s the one on my radar right now!


So close! I’m in Missouri. :joy:

Perhaps you’ll be conscripted and sent there in your capacity as a BioLogos moderator and homeschooler?

Ha! That would be nice if someone wanted to pay my way… but I’m not counting on it. :smiley:

Sometimes a rumor can help.

Wouldn’t that be cool though?


This year it’s going to be me and Kathryn and Kendra Terpstra!


Any plans to have speakers? Or is it just a booth?

I’ll have to think about attending. Would love to meet some of you! I’ve enjoyed talking to Kendra on the phone for the Integrate interviews. :slight_smile:

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I think we’re just going to have a booth!

I look forward to hearing how it goes. I know you guys will do great in reaching the crowd with love and care, but wonder how the crowd will react to you. Knowing home schoolers, I am sure most will respond with kindness and love as well.

GHC usually has a variety of homeschooler types, so they should do ok there. It’s a mix of secular and Christian curricula and speakers.

The kerfuffle years ago was over Ken Ham badmouthing Pete Enns during a talk. Both were speaking at the same convention. Enns had an elementary Bible study curriculum for first grade that year, and Ken Ham thought it was teaching unbiblical things. The publisher ended up releasing a pdf copy of the entire curriculum for free on their forum so people could see what it taught. I was still YEC at that time, and I downloaded it and read the Genesis 1-11 section. Absolutely nothing wrong with it for a YEC! The whole thing was ridiculous. I don’t agree with a lot of Enns’s theology regarding the OT, but his first grade curriculum was totally fine. Anyway, that ordeal got Ken Ham banned. I see he’s still not on the speaker list. They have other YEC speakers like Wile (who has a homeschool curriculum company) and Sarfati (CMI). I didn’t recognize anyone else off hand.

You will all be fantastic – I hope you have some good conversations, and for some even just seeing non-YEC representation there could get them thinking.

I only recognize a few names – Sarita Holzmann would be a good one to listen to though, as she’s one of the founders of Sonlight. And Randall Goodgame will be there for music so that will be fun. :slight_smile: And Andrew Stanley was just mentioned on another thread.

I meant those were the only YEC speakers I recognized. I recognize several other names in general. Andrew Pudewa (IEW) is always great to listen to, for example. :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I didn’t see anyone else that instantly made me think of YEC, other than Wile. I didn’t even realize that GHC was a mix of secular and religious… it’s a bit different than the homeschooling I grew up with, but still with some familiar philosophies represented.

I’m actually pretty excited to see Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame. :slight_smile:

We’re SUPER excited about our first GHC! So far we only have plans for a booth, but it will be a great chance to meet people and spread the word about BioLogos INTEGRATE. Everybody should come and say hi in Cincinatti!

In other conference news, @sbodbyl and I will be exhibiting at the Deeper Christian Learning conference in Denver in late Feb. Anybody coming to that? (It’s for Christian school teachers, not homeschoolers, FYI.)


Aaaaand nevermind. Our application to be exhibitors was rejected. With no explanation. One can only surmise… :wink:


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