BioLogos Forum Bingo!

(Brad Kramer) #1

I was inspired by recent events to make a Bingo card for our little community.

It’s easy to play. Just pick any thread and see how quickly you can score!

I want to make a larger one but I need recommendations for extra squares. Ideas? (please be nice, and no person-specific things)

(George Brooks) #2


I love the square on capitalization and bolding …

You Deserve A Big Hug…

(Christy Hemphill) #3

About a square for any reference to entropy, epigenetics, randomness, or quantum physics that uses a completely idiosyncratic and/or made-up definition of the concept.

(Christy Hemphill) #4

Any use of the words/phrases “Man’s word,” “slippery slope” or “evolutionist.”

Any instance of presenting a link to a personal blog post as a ‘refutation’ of someone else’s citing peer-reviewed study.

(Mervin Bitikofer) #5

How bout … “My megaphone is in use at my mouth and so I won’t hear anything you have to say … but I will untiringly repeat my message telling you how wrong you are.”

(Mervin Bitikofer) #6

By the way – what if we personally qualify for three in a row? Do we get a prize?

You also missed the obligatory monthly: “the Bible teaches that slavery is okay — yes it does / no it doesn’t / yes it does” square.

(Noah White) #7

I think we can assume that one is the free space :wink:

(Jay Johnson) #8

The free space should be called “Grace”

More Ken Ham = More Cowbell

The Plain Meaning plainly means what I said it means …

The Dunning-Kruger Effect

One Ph.D. dissenter is worth a thousand settled conclusions. (Oops. Now I’m slipping into aphorisms. Better stop now.)

(Casper Hesp) #9

I want to add these options for the bingo card:

  • Kooky ideas being defended with even more kooky ideas…

  • “Science is done by the outsiders.”

  • “Don’t confuse evolution with genetics and other unrelated fields.”

  • Discard three fields of empirical research in a single statement!

  • Let’s talk about Adam and genetics again :sleeping:

(Curtis Henderson) #10

How about use of the term “Darwinist”?

(Brady Hornstra) #11

How about adding something related to doubting the veracity of radiometric dating techniques?