BioLogos Bearing Witness at COP28

BioLogos is committed to faith-based climate action. At COP28, we will advocate for faith-based messaging and bear witness to God’s love for our planet and its people.

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it is actually good news that we are responsible for this, according to President & CEO of the Evangelical Environmental Network Jessica Moermanhttps: that means we can do something about it.


I have collegues there with SIL @jstump, and I just got my email update from them today on COP News Day 1. I’ve been talking up BioLogos with the SIL Creation Care task force. I recently kind of volunteered myself to develop some ecology themed “shell books” for the Bloom library, which is an online digital library of materials that can be translated into minority languages and used in schools and literacy intitiatives. I just finished one on climate change and I’m working on one on sustainability. We’re hoping to get a set ready and then coordinate a Creation Care reading materials translation campaign with the regional SIL literacy coordinators around the world.


Remind me what ‘SIL’ is again …?

My employer:

It’s a faith-based NGO that supports language development, literacy, and Scripture translation in minority language communities. We partner with UNESCO in many contexts and we have recently added sustainability as one of our organizational “transformation ends.”

Ensure environmental sustainability: Environmental preservation principles are communicated between languages through language development programs and literature production. Deforestation is a critical problem worldwide. As local populations learn appropriate technology while drawing on traditional knowledge of flora and fauna, they meet economic needs while protecting the environment.

We have a creation care consultant working with regional entities.

There’s a lot of ways Christians are screwing up these days, but this is really positive and needs to be celebrated.


Also just to brag about my husband a bit, Alpha Tiles, the literacy game app he created during COVID, won an international award along with Bloom, SILs digital library platform.

At a recent UNESCO sponsored education conference in Thailand, Aaron met with reps from the department of education of Marshall Islands. They are going to make a Marshalese Alpha Tiles app for use in the entire country’s school system, and the word list will be climate and sustainability related. I think that is so cool, and a great example of how development orgs focused on one thing (education, language preservation, and literacy in this case) can incorporate creation care into their work.


That’s really cool! Sounds like his project is really scaling up and launching around the world! Open source stuff is such a valuable and growing resource for all of us.

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Thanks Christy,

A while ago I went looking for the websites of Christian environmental groups around the world.

Here is part of what I found:

May God bless your work

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I used to give regularly to a group called “The Eden Conservancy”. I was going to give a link to it but can’t find it on the Web at all! It was founded as an alternative to the Nature Conservancy to which I formerly donated. I’m saddened that it has apparently gone defunct.

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