BioLogos apparel?

I occasionally see children wearing T shirts from a prominent young-Earth teaching organization.

How nice it would be to see a T shirt or sweatshirt or tote bag with the BioLogos logo and a perhaps a catchy faith/science-friendly phrase or Bible verse on the other side.

I (as an adult) would love to wear a BioLogos shirt, and it may even be a great conversation starter. Something different. What do you think?

Perhaps BioLogos could partner with a printer like Society6 or CafePress to sell them.



Does your job description involve future BioLogos merch?

Jude, welcome to this little part of the internet. They did have coffee cups to kick off the podcast series, so may not be that much of a stretch. Sort of on the funny side, your post reminded me of how my dad referred to a formal suit and tie as a “monkey suit” which might have some evolutionary association, though mostly worn by fundamentalist groups who tend to be YEC these days, in an ironic twist.
T-shirts and such have their upsides and downsides. One can be put off if the message is too “in your face” but tastefully done could stimulate conversation.

The BioLogos pens that they gave out at the conference and various work things I’ve been to are THE BEST. If I could buy a pack of twenty I would.

Thank you for the welcome. Haha, no, my job description doesn’t involve selling anything. But I would love to see more exposure for BioLogos in general. I agree about needing to be careful about presentation.

We do not currently sell any merch, you are right!
(I’m new here, and I’m still trying to figure out how to get myself one of the patagonia pullovers with the logo on it!)

I don’t know whose job this would be, but I’ll talk to Nate and Jim about it and see what they think!

Hooo boy, would it ever. I mean, for those of us who have previously held YEC views, it might be a bit jarring to the people around us – not sure I’d be brave enough yet, but it would still be a great idea.

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