Biological Information and Intelligent Design: the curious world of RNA

RNA are the codebreakers of the cell.
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Thank you for a fascinating view of how DNA and Variation take place. Please note that I separate Variation from Natural Selection. Variation is random, so is unplanned, although it also continuity. The method that God established carries this out very well.

One point that stands out for me is the three fold way that DNA works. There is DNA which holds the plan, Proteins that carry out the plan, and RNA acts as messenger between the two. Thus in the heart of life we have a trinitarian structure. Most people think that reality is either monistic or dualistic, but here it is trinitarian. This view is reinforced by the trinitarian structure of RNA.

I really fail to understand how you can imply that DNA is not based on a code or language. Yes, this kind of language is different from what we are used to, but computers have opened our eyes to how codes can transmit information. We can communicate with space craft thousands of miles in space, receiving information and transmitting commands by means of programs based on codes.

To say that DNA is based on chemistry and not on information overlooks that fact that proteins all have the same basic chemistry. My DNA has the same chemistry as other humans. A dog has the same chemistry as a cat. The chemistry of the DNA is the same, but the structure of the DNA is not and the secret of the DNA is found in the structure or sequence of the codons, not the chemistry of the codons.

Evolutionary change takes place because the environment changes, not because genes change. Whether RNA world is true or not is immaterial.


Would you please address the question, does DNA, RNA communicate information or not?

I have looked at later blogs and they indicate that this process is complicated, but not that information is not conveyed.

Are you using a different definition of language or code?

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