Bill nye debate

the reason the Earth can be young, look at the layers of earth ( there magnetic fields) , they flip from positive to negative each time this happens the earth is destroyed. it’s cyclical it happen over and over and over.
the big bang was GOD coming into existence READ PLATO THE TIMAEUS by Pierre Grimes

What about in the infinity of all the other BBs in eternity? Are there an infinite number of GODs?

Hi, 369. I hope you are able to glean some good information here on the forum.

Those flips recorded in the rock record have been of great interest to geologists. They also provide a nice time-line when considered along with crustal movement and plate tectonics. If the events leading to such switches were cataclysmic at the time, then it may indeed have seemed like or been the “end of the world” for some things.

Or it may just be a conspiracy by " Big Compass" to make all our compasses obsolete and force into buying new ones.


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