Bill McKibben | No License to Give Up

Happy Earth Day Weekend!

With his 1989 book The End of Nature , climate activist Bill McKibben launched the contemporary movement against climate change. In the several decades since its publication, he has continued informing the public about the status of our climate and advocating for necessary mitigation measures. McKibben is also a Christian who sees his activism as a natural result of his ardent faith.

In this episode, he discusses how we got to our current situation, including why he thinks many Christians have historically avoided or actively opposed their Biblical mandate to be stewards of the Earth, as well as why the Christian Church may be the only institution with the power to effectively confront the dominant culture of apathy on this issue. These discussions inevitably confront political commitments, yet McKibben makes a strong case that our Christian responsibilities take precedence over political affiliations.

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Really hard to hear, but really neccessary.

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The Christian Church (as opposed to non-Christian?) needs to lead by example and confront its own apathy to social injustice and worse, antipathy, to social justice, from which climate change has emerged.


Indeed - there are so many opportunities for believers to actually be pro-life. And so many who desperately want to be known by that label can’t seem to even get close to it on so many fronts!

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Life ends at birth.