Bible Gateway free Wright/Bird study on NT context

Bible Gateway is offering a free month-long study leading up to Easter on the context of the New Testament, hosted by N. T. Wright and Michael Bird.

I’m going to do it. If anyone wants to discuss with me, maybe I’ll post some thoughts here. It starts March 8th.


I’ve signed up. It seems to be an abbreviated version of his previous book and dvds , the New Testament in Its World, which I have on the shelf but have not gotten to yet. This may inspire me to tackle the bigger course.


Baby steps. I have so many unread books on my Kindle at this point, I’ve decided I need to start signing up for book clubs and such so I actually read them.


I’m in now too. And would love to be party to any discussions we all get to have about it, if interactivity is part of the package. I haven’t looked into it enough yet to know how it will all work.

Ditto! I’ll have to see about breaking that open

I watched a debate with Bird. I think it was with Ehrman. He is witty and I have some inerrancy book where he is involved (four or five views). Wright is too conservative for me on a lot of issues but both of them are well learned and respectable. I’m interested in potentially learning a few things and also finding some new material to spar with.

Thanks for sharing!


Its this gonna be live? Like a lecture or something?

I think it is going to be something you can stream as desired, they sell a study guide to go along with it but the video is free as I understand it.

There will be videos available to stream at the Bible Gateway website. If you sign up they email you pdf study guide and some free chapters of the book.

I’d do it if it wasn’t as busy with Ancient Near Eastern stuff as I am, but I’m sure it’ll be worth it to hear NT Wright’s voice alone, which is how I imagine Santa Claus speaks.


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Did any of you get an email with a link to the Wright video we’re supposed to view for session 1 this week? I got an original email acknowledging my registration and with links to resources, schedule and such, but perusing through all of that, I still haven’t found the session 1 video. Can anybody help me out with a clue?

I did. It was an overview of all the books of the NT.
The subject line was “Let’s Get Started with the Study! -Session 1: The Books of the New Testament”
It was a different email, maybe check your junk folder.

Thanks! - that’s exactly where I found it. Now to do my homework.

Mine isn’t even in my junk :frowning: But of course still getting the other Bible Gateway emails. ha

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That figures!

I received my link. Search your email for “Bible Gateway”

They are short but the first two were good. I love how they are “on location.” It really brings stuff to life.


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