Bible and Archaeology has launched

Bible & Archaeology is a new online magazine that shares news and stories that inform and entertain, promoting the study of the Bible, archaeology, and ancient civilizations, while celebrating their many diverse cultures and histories.

Check it out: Bible & Archaeology

What do you think?


It’s real archaeology. From the University of Iowa. Robert Cargill is a professor and archeologist. For a time he was the editor of BAR. So don’t worry, it’s all evidence based.


As a news aggregator, it looks at least okay. I’m not at all impressed with the Live Science headline, “Is this really the biblical city where Jesus walked on water?”! :roll_eyes:

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It isn’t simply a news aggregator. You need to scroll down and see the videos, articles, etc. I might add that this is a soft launch.


I have recently really been enjoying various podcasts on “biblical archeology “ although they often say that they are not biblical archeologist anymore than someone is biblical chemist. But that they are archeologists whose passionate about studying ancient Jewish culture and ect…

I’ve been enjoy this woman’s various appearances. I’m wanting to get some of her books too.

As your legit archaeologists point out, they are not " biblical archaeologists". Putting the words together is a red flag.
As in Ron Wyatt.
As in this about Sodom.

A biblical archaeologist is somebody who does archaeology in the lands of the Bible. It isn’t necessarily somebody who is a believer.

I get the idea. Did you get mine?

I would be surprised btw if you could find a non believer who would care for the taint of being called a biblical archeologist.

Or ftm any legit archeologist…

Robert Cargill. He’s agnostic. And see the PBS Nova show “The Bible’s buried secrets” for more

And it’s not a taint, unless you’re a militant atheist.


Really. Then why are archaeologists shying away from being
called " biblical"?

The long sorry history of phony / tainted archeology-
and pseudo- archeology supporting the bible might be a reason
not to want the moniker.

As for the “MILITANT atheist” we suspect a made up fact
tuvked into a actual ad hom.

This is all so unnecessary.
This may well be a nice honest publication being promoted.
It appears to be.

I was dubious, coz Ive seen how characters like Ron Wyatt
dupe the credulous.

Bible and Archaeology does not interest me particularly.
Of course some of the bible is semi historical and there is stuff
besides Egypt being real to be found confirming that.

Withal, the bible being the most overrated overstudied book ever,
and the disportionate effort to dig up that part of the middle east-
usually to " prove" the bible makes it less interesting to me than to a Believer.

Anyway, carry on, its an ok pop archeology though.

I read ARCHAEOLOGY magazine, of more general / wider interest.

Looks cool! Just followed their social media accounts from BioLogos, will keep our eyes open for their content.


R Cargill. Looked him up. A prof of religious studies.

Yes, but that doesn’t make him religious. He’s agnostic. Can you even comprehend that somebody can teach religious studies and not be religious? And what about comparative religions? If somebody teaches that, is he an adherent of all the religions he teaches?

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A fraudster. He probably isn’t even an archaeologist.

Then don’t read it. Let’s call that a tip.

Then don’t read it. Another tip.

Interesting question, though I suppose there are professors of Ancient Egypt who are neither ancient nor Egyptians.

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Theres no call to be so rude and insulting.

There’s no " probably" about r wyatt. All fraud, no archeologist.

Cargill isnt either. Where did you find " agnostic"?
I read a thing, " skeptic in the sanctuary " that
doesnt zactly go with simple agnpstic. He did het an MDiv.
Though id not say he sounds in any way intellectually dishonest.

Biblical archeology is full of fraud, which tends to make actual
archeologists disinclined to take on the name.

Now back to what got duch a response-

I was a bit skeptical of the journal because of
so much fraud and woo woo in " biblical archaeology "

Cargill and the journal seem to check out as respectable.

Any prob with that?

Is a professor of large animal anatomy and physiology a horse or a cow?

Online Battle Over Sacred Scrolls, Real-World Consequences

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Can’t open it.
Regardless of what he calls himself, is your emphasis on his being agnostic saying that Christians might not be the best ones to be doing
the archaeology

Can’t open it.
Regardless of what he calls himself, is your emphasis on his being agnostic saying that Christians might not be the best ones to be doing
the archaeology

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