Ben Shapiro promotes ID

This happened a few months ago when Ben had Stephen Meyer on his podcast. I was wondering if anyone could critique or fact check Meyers claims: (without causing a flame war of course, since Shapiro is a highly controversial figure)

I didn’t watch it yet, but I will say that the consensus on evolution by natural selection is simply too overwhelming for me to take other theories seriously. I don’t understand the science perfectly, but I recognise that other people who have dedicated their life to science do.

People have been critiquing Meyer for many decades.

I don’t know what his claims are in the presentation. Are there any specific claims that jump out to you? There really is very little that supports the entire movement after decades with regards to positive scientific evidence, i.e. the argument that we don’t yet have a scientific explanation for something is not positive evidence. Interestingly enough there are some articles the ID community claims supports their idea and I found this review to be helpful:

Looks like a level-headed analysis, which is good because after all, the facts don’t care about our feelings.


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