AWANA and teaching about creation/Genesis

(Lisa) #1

Can you tell me more about how Awana presents Genesis or how it conflicted with your view? My kids haven’t been in it but our church may be starting a group in the fall and I’d love a heads up about any issues :slight_smile:

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I don’t personally have evidence but the internet taught me:

Not sure what this says but this is in their bookstore directly but you can download it for free (a booklet called Taking God’s Word for It on the topic of Creation… I suppose we can guess where that goes):,default,pd.html?showreviews=read


here you go… no mystery

“I believe God spoke everything into existence in six 24 hour days as stated in Genesis 1 and that the world “which then was” perished in the global flood of Noah’s day as II Peter 3:6 says.”