Atheism: the case against God

Has anyone ever read or heard of this book? It was recommended in a reddit thread to an op.

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Sure, I have never read it, but my brother had it as part of his required reading for his Bible School. I’d be interested in learning more about it

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For me the question of God’s existence isn’t interesting and cannot be answered in any definitive way that doesn’t depend on prior shared commitments. The more interesting question for me would be: are there any mysteries in human experience which when successfully addressed can add meaning to our lives and increase human fulfillment? I think there are such mysteries and that addressing them in the personified form of God is a time honored approach. I personally am content to leave it unnamed but see no problem with those who take the classic approach. Whether any religion’s formulation uniquely decodes the mystery in a truthful manner I strongly doubt. What matters is whether the approach gives you a satisfactory connection to what I think is a living, dynamic relationship - albeit not one just like that between two people. What name or description to give it is beside the point.


There is a book by Anthony Flew (a former Atheist) “there is a God”.


He converted to ID at the age of 81.

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I havn’t but I am waiting for Randal Rauser’s next book titled
“Atheists love Jesus too” :slight_smile:

From the amazon reviews it appears that it is another example of failed critical thinking as I take from the citation below

“Anything asked in the name of Jesus will be granted, including the miraculous transportation of a mountain. It would take very few examples of mountain moving to convert the atheists of the world, but the modern Christian is reluctant to defend these grandiose claims of faith, much less attempt an actual demonstration.”

He clearly hasn’t seen the mountains that God has moved upon prayers in Jesus name, like the abolition of chattel slavery, but as a materialist can probably only think . It makes me think of another intellectual fail called Marshall Brain. His name feels like a curse with a name like that and having a brain but failing to operate it to execute logic and critical thinking. What makes his case worse is bragging about his critical thinking talent. His epic work “How “God” works” it reveals the common expectation of manipulating God to change reality according to ones wishes upon prayer. Whilst this is forgivable to the religiously groomed person who is raised in that expectation, for the intellectually free thinker this is a declaration of intellectual bankruptcy.

To fail to recognize that praying in the name of Jesus means to pray for the execution of the father will through my actions is beyond their comprehension.

I like the idea of putting those books into the syllabus, but they need to be accompanied by teaching critical thinking, and this is were most fail. The video of Marshall Brain “10 questions that every intelligent Christian must answer - YouTube” is a brilliant study material for Sunday schools to go through, and it will help you to equip the students with a healthy scepticism towards sceptics and how not to fall for their “critical thinking”

That gets my FDOTWA.

False Dichotomy Of The Week Award.

And what has Christianity got to do with the abolition of slavery?

“For this perhaps is why he was parted from you for a while, that you might have him back forever, no longer as a bondservant but more than a bondservant, as a beloved brother—especially to me, but how much more to you, both in the flesh and in the Lord.”

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At its inception, next to nothing. But when it came time to end it you know who to thank. (Doesn’t work for me either.)

Not William Wilberforce. The slaves of the British and the French in the Caribbean have themselves to thank. They ended slavery in those European empires.

As for the American empire, I fell in love with Lincoln on reading Team of Rivals. What a magnificent human being.


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