Ask an Evolutionary Creationist: A Q&A with Dennis Venema

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I thought there were some good responses here, and well explained. I especially appreciate the response to the last question, from the atheist. What I find ironic is that to me that question also seems very much in line with something that might come from some of the young-earth creationist rhetoric that I’ve heard so often – the idea that there is a “trajectory” that one must follow, from hard-core YEC fundamentalist to atheist. It’s interesting how views that can seem so oppositional can include such similar sentiments.

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Well-done, Dennis! I have a bit of feedback:

  • The article contains some line breaks in funny places, such that formatting of a few paragraphs doesn’t work on my Chrome browser. @BradKramer - could you fix that, please?
  • I would have said something about two views of randomness: epistemological vs. ontological. But maybe Dennis made the best choice for his audience.


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Sure, I’ll look into it.

Important to note that this interview is many years old, as noted below the post. Dusting off some gems from the back room.

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Yep, it’s from 2011. When I re-read it (it came up in my Facebook feed) I thought it held up pretty well, although there are always things you think of later that would add to it, etc.

I also note that it has a clear affirmation of the resurrection, which was a topic of conversation here a while back.