ASA meeting web streaming

The annual ASA meeting is this weekend. They sent me the following link for streaming of several talks. I asked whether this a member-only thing, but got no response, so you can try it and see if it works if you’re interested in any of these talks. Times are PST.

ASA meeting web streaming
Events scheduled for livestreaming: (all times are Pacific Daylight Savings Time)
Friday, July 22: 7:30 PM William “Bill” Newsome, “Of Two Minds: A Neuroscientist Balances Science and Faith”
Saturday, July 23: 8:45 AM Roger C. Wiens, “Exploring Mars with Curiosity: A Scientific and Spiritual Journey”
Saturday, July 23: 8:00 PM Edward “Ted” Davis, “The Creation and Evolution of the ASA in Historical Context”
Sunday, July 24: 11:00 AM Justin Barrett , “Contemporary Trends in the Science of Religion: Adaptationist and Byproduct Theories and Their Implications”
Sunday, July 24: 8:30 PM State of the ASA
Monday, July 25: 8:45 AM Audrey Bowden, “Imag(in)ing a Brighter Future for Healthcare”

I was wondering if anyone was familiar enough with the ASA to comment on how many of their members are Young Earth Creationists? I am just (very) curious.

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