Are we in the 7th day of creation?

Are we i the 7th day of creation? Are there verses that support this claim? Many of you guys will say yes, but what about John 5:17?

This says nothing about a 7th day of creation. Just that God continues to work. Work may or may not be the same as creation. Given the context I would say the verse is just about working on the sabbath.

Depending on how you cherry pick verses you can support or not support a 7th day of creation.

Is there a point to your question?

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The seventh day of creation is the Sabbath, the day of rest. Jesus said that God did not rest, so there is no Sabbath. Creation is ongoing.

This is pretty in-depth on this subject. Roughly 14 hours dedicated to understanding this subject form various aspects of it by Tim Mackie.


God rested on the seventh day, so no seventh day of creation.
But the eighth day of creation refers to our redemption. That’s why baptismal fonts have eight sides.


Ok, but didn’t God rest on the 7th day? Or did he just stop creating? What’s your view on that? Do you have verses to support your view?

You believe He got tired and had to rest? Sorry but I take Genesis 2:2-3 to be a representation of God as if He was human to illustrate the reason for the Sabbath.

And there are plenty of verses that say God continues to create.

Ok, so then were not in the 7th day. That’s your view then, right? Because in your view, on the 7th day God stopped creating, but even you’re saying that verses suggest that he IS creating. Does this mean that the 7th day ended, or is there an alternative interpretation? Does anyone else have an alternative as well?

I would suggest that God truly rested on the first day of the week: The Lord’s Day of Rest.

You can quote Bible verses for both. Question for you is why is it important to know? I rank this with discussing the number of angles that can dance on a pin.

Why, because if the 7th day is 24 hours, then the other ones must be as well. If the seventh day is longer than 24 hours, it most likely will be going on right now. If the days are 24 hours, then that easily contradicts science, causing a problem for the Christian faith. So if you want to rank my question that way, you can, but it’s a bigger question than you think.

Sorry but that doesn’t follow for me. The 7th day is represented as a past 24 hour day, a current much longer than 24 hour day, and a future day. Take your pick.

So what would you call trying to get an answer that the Bible doesn’t provide? BTW, you asked me directly for an answer.

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Hebrews 3:7-4:11 calls for us to enter into God’s rest, and is probably the most important passage for arguing that the seventh day of Genesis 2:1-3 is in some sense ongoing.


I like Romans 4:5, as well… The Lord’s Day of rest (the first day of the week) is an enduring metaphor for grace and justification by faith: “…to the one who does not work but trusts God…”

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