Are the Assemblies of God Churches accepting Theistic Evolution?

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Since Dr. Amos Yong accepts BioLogos and he is an Assemblies of God pastor, does that mean that their churches are accepting some form of evolutionary creationism?

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Henry, It’s my experience that Assemblies of God congregants and pastors generally aren’t too comfortable with college degrees in general … let alone the application of evolutionary science.

I guess I’ll have to take a look at this Dr. Yong … and see what he is about …

Here’s some of his work as listed in Wiki:

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(Henry Stoddard) #3

Hello George.

I have Dr. Yong’s book dealing with evolutionary creation and the Bible. I also have Dr. Denis’ book on Evolutionary Creation: an approach for the Christian among other books and a German historical novel. Christmas presents. My Nancy always knows what I want. She is a good wife. :grinning:

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