Are Religious Freedoms for Comfort?

Kelli, I might suggest adding a question or observation to discuss about the link, as posts with just a link are usually not paid much attention to, and we generally do not let them stand by themselves. Any particular point made in the video you wish to discuss? (I am on a limited time frame and have not looked at it yet)

This is a question and answer session with Martyn Iles.
It is a very short video. I keep hearing about our rights as born again believers.
As my Pastor has said, “We are slaves of Christ. We have no rights. It’s up to the Master.”

I haven’t watched the video yet, but I am not impressed with what I found here about Martin Iles:

He appears to advocating for ignoring legitimate civil law, i.e., attending large groups without contact tracing. It’s not about fear, it’s about love, and civil laws are in place for people who do not know enough and with penalties for the unloving rebellious. Think reckless driving laws and speed limits where there are children – school zones and residential neighborhoods.

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Hi Dale
The clip I posted is about 2:46 minutes long. I agree with what he is saying and that is why I posted it. I have not read or heard everything that Martyn has said.

I watched it and I agree with him about civil liberties for religious freedom, though, Christians being in the public square to keep churches open (except maybe during peaks in pandemics that are out of control!).

Agree with you Dale

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