Are humans a mistake?

How can the Elohim ( I use the original Hebrew version from Genesis 1) be so careless with respect to humans (eg child cancer or motor neurone disease and many other totally unnecessary evils) but so accurate with the rest of the universe (Martin Rees ‘Just Six Numbers’). If this hypothesis is anywhere near reality then it appears more and more likely that life is one huge experiment in which humans are unfortunate to be caught up in.

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  • On the other hand, as the author of this sentence:

he probably won’t.


I thought about this the other day. We are talking about fibers in forensics and I looked at some of the history of asbestos and I thought about all the slaves and early people who suffered from fibrous minerals like the because they used them to live and for basic life functions. Kind of a sick joke if you think about it.

The problem of evil is very potent. It’s the strongest reason to not believe in God there is and nothing is even remotely close to it. There isn’t a second place IMHO because it’s so far away it’s meaningless.

For every amazing instance of “God love us” or Joy or God’s glory I see in reality, I find something else equally telling me the universe just doesn’t give a crap about us.


Yeah, it’s kind of important to have and to know a trustworthy and omnipotent heavenly Father who providentially intervenes in the lives of his children.

Nepotism rules.


You’re not a joint heir with Jesus?




I never said that. Whether I am Ok is not the point.


The point is, if you are [a joint heir], nepotism rules. Yay! Rejoice!

I don’t think so. If that is how God works I don’t want to worship Him


What do you think joint heirs means? It means you have been adopted off the streets or from an orphanage.

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It actually takes a little humility (or more) to be a skeptical theist.

You don’t seem to understand. It is not about me, it is abut my view of God. I do not want to worship a God who only cares about a fraction of his creation.


Humans are not a mistake or on purpose. There is no design to our bodies or our natural history as seen in the theory of evolution and abiogenesis while still be explored most likely won’t require a supernatural hand to make the process work.

Humans evolved without a purpose outside of ecology and social developments. At some point a god reached out to humanity and here we are.

God gave set the laws of nature at the beginning but gave the universe a certain freedom. The same freedom has a downside with biological defects.

Ogden Nash’s “A Bas Ben Adhem” expresses some doubts, as does

The Bible says rather less about “why” than we often ask but more about trusting.

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That pretty much says our bodies evolved as a response to the environments we encountered and the other creatures we shared the world with. Since God is the source of all of it, we are are essentially evolved from nature which already and always reveals the hand of God … what is this debate about?

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You don’t seem to understand how clearly you are contradicting yourself by saying it is all about you. “It is about my view of God. I do not want…”




(Me, myself and I. ; - )

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