Anybody know what happened to Gordon Glover's excellent videos?


For years I have encouraged Christians to watch the video series of Gordon J. Glover, one on a Christian view of science and the harmony of Ultimate Causation (theology) and Proximate Causation (science), and the other humorous series entitled The Design Detectives which examined “ID theory” using cartoon characters. Today I noticed that the Youtube links for the two series come up empty and Glover’s channel appears to have disappeared. Glover does still has some articles here on the Biologos website, dated from 2010:

So does anybody at Biologos know what has happened with Glover’s great video series? They were so well done and obviously reflected a lot of careful work. They deserve a place on the Biologos website and I no longer can refer inquiring people to them.

I can’t remember the title of the first series but I think it consisted of 12 or 13 videos of about eleven minutes each. I’d love to see them back online again. And I do hope Mr. Glover is doing well. I’d love to thank him for his great work.


You know, I was wondering that myself the other day.


Could the moderators of this forum possibly investigate whether Biology still has contact with Gordon Glover? @Christy, both of Mr. Glover’s video series would be a fantastic resource for home-schoolers. I don’t know how well known they are but the fact that Beaglelady recognized his name in my post tells me that I’m not the only Glover fan here.

I suppose it is possible that he removed them from Youtube because he decided to start selling them. If so, I’d like to be able to recommend them to pastors and other inquirers who ask for help with Science and the Bible topics.


I especially enjoyed Glover’s videos about intelligent design. And his book was excellent. When he wrote posts for BioLogos he would always answer any questions we had. Gregory was really nasty to him with his irrational attacks.

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I blurbed his book back in the day, and wrote a review for the NCSE. The book has that perfect mix of humor and gravity that can help evangelicals who still have integrity.

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The videos were not hosted by BioLogos. We have not had contact with him for several years now.


I’m sorry if I gave that impression. (I’m very much baffled that I somehow implied that.) I thought I was specific that his videos used to appear on Youtube and that his channel has been deleted. Biologos still has a Gordon Glover page at:

That same page lists six of his Biologos-hosted articles and mentions his Beyond the Firmament blog—but that blog no longer comes up on Google, from what I could find.

So I’m assuming that someone at Biologos had his contact information at one time. I don’t expect his private contact information to be shared or posted, but perhaps someone could ask his permission to host them? Alternatively, I know of several Christian organizations who would be willing to host the videos for free access by the public.

I’m saddened to see such excellent videos no longer available.


His book is still sold by His author page is empty.


Yes, with every clue I’ve tracked down, it is like he has disappeared from the planet. (Yes, I’m overly dramatic today.)


Yes, it’s very strange. I tried the internet archive and while it has a link for the link doesn’t work. Then I used whois via NetworkSolutions to see who owns the domain name. It says the domain name is owned but doesn’t display info on the owner.