Any interest in discussing Ian McGilchrist's work?

Have you seen this interview yet, @jstump?

Recently in the discussion of the blog post titled “Is it still reasonable to believe in God?” I asked BioLogos V.P. James Stump if he was familiar with McGilchrist’s book “The Master and His Emissary”. I was pleased to learn that he was and even more pleased to learn there was quite a bit of interest among theologians, mentioning the work of Rowan Williams in particular. I just came across and watched the video below which just premiered in past fall of this year which I find a good deal more approachable than the book. Don’t get me wrong. The book is extremely well written especially given the subtlety and reach of the ideas it contains. But I think this interview would make for a more readily accessible jumping off place for a discussion than the book.

A couple of points of possible interest occur beginning about at the 38:20 minute mark in discussing the difference between “implicit meaning” and the explicit meaning which it is possible to communicate by way of language. Another beginning at about 44:30, talks about physics and the parallel between the influence of the observer effect in physics and in meaning and the interest there has been among physicists in his book. But my main interest is in what relevance (if any) you may find it to have in thinking about your religious experience. It was largely his work which got me interested again in the phenomenon of religious belief and spiritual practice, and led to my participation here. I’m not sure yet what to make of the video’s title “Matter is a Relative Matter” but don’t get your physicist hopes up too high.

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