AnswersinGenesis strange assertions

Greetings, I’ve known Creationists/ID proponents who argue that evolution cannot be true, because an X (germ, monkey, human, etc…) remains an X. Micro evolution is true but Macro evolution is a faith system, etc…

Answers in Genesis seems to hold the same line of thinking. However, I’ve ran across an article where they challenge evolutionists to accept a more radical evolution model. Which seems like a contradiction to the general Creationist/ID ideas.

To skeptics of the Scriptures, producing so many species in such a short time span—short as compared to the evolutionary time span—seems implausible. Laying aside both Darwin’s breed-species analogy and the mitochondrial DNA clock data, critics of young-earth creation don’t see how biological change can happen so quickly. To them, we haven’t witnessed 10 species form in the last few thousand years, let alone tens of thousands.

These skeptics forget the evidence right under their nose. While the origin of over 30 living cat species might appear to require significant morphological changes, visible variety of a much greater magnitude can arise in an even shorter frame of time.

Doesn’t it sound like they are contradicting their own arguments against evolution here?


@Joel_Duff has written on this topic in the past. YECs seem to be arguing more and more for a model of “rapid post-flood speciation,” where a large number of the modern forms of animals arose from a handful of created kinds (“baramins”) brought by Noah onto the ark, which diversified over 4,000 years from then till now.

See here: Archive of Critiques of the Young-earth Creationist’s Hyper-evolution Hypothesis – Naturalis Historia

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They will keep saying that stuff over and over until it reaches a fever pitch of embarassment, and then they will try something else.

The closest thing I’ve heard on this topic with a hint of coherence is just saying:

And God went ahead and made a bunch of species immediately after the release of animals from the Ark.