And God Said: The Eyewitness of Genesis 1

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Although the text of Genesis 1 is typically treated as if it was dictated by God word by word to an inspired Hebrew writer, there is strong internal evidence that this was not the case. This paper presents evidence for Genesis 1 as a series of visions revealed to a human observer. Historical precedents in Second Temple Period Judaism and early medieval Christianity are cited.

And God Said: The Eyewitness of Genesis 1

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What biblical reasons are there to accept the scientific view of the earth as billions of years old?

Your approach strikes me as “so obvious it’s almost a foregone conclusion.”

But obviously not everyone agrees. I think some might still argue that it is a “series of visions that communicates 7 literal days.”

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I always assumed that Genesis was written by someone (probably Moses) after they received visions of the events.

Genesis is a beautiful piece of poetic writing concerning the Billions of years it took to form the Heavens and the Earth, from the Big Bang to the formation of Man.

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