An outsourcing problem: what to do about this cloud of antievolutionism among campus ministries in America?

I thank everyone who answered my post about stimulating curiosity.

I am consistently running into a problem. The campus ministers of various groups are not trained to answer questions about evolution or at least explain the spectrum of opinions.

At the University of Texas at Dallas, there is a cloud of antievolutionism among these ministries.

An Intervarsity staff member told me apologetics issues are directed to one single apologetics ministry on campus, Reasonable Faith. A heavily ID oriented organization. Due to its link with Probe Ministries.

When I was on Campus Crusade in the 1990s, it was essentially the same way.

I assume the Baptist and Presbyterian ministries also lean in a Discovery Institute direction.

When science professors come up.

Discovery has done a very thorough job in America of getting a hearing with these national campus ministries. In fact, I am not sure BioLogos or the American Scientific Affiliation get any hearing at all.

So the student is left in a situation caught between Michael Behe and his science professor who went to Cornell, is doing research, and is bewildered and maybe scared creationism will take over his kids’ public school science class.

College students keep their heads down though for the most part. When I ask biology professors if Christian kids ever challenge them, most say no.

But it is unfortunate ECs don’t get a hearing with Intervarsity, Crusade, et alia. It is unfortunate all the students learn from Reasonable Faith is to wage a culture war against the biology department.

I invite your suggestions about how these campus ministries could be motivated to consider the EC perspective. I want to engage Reasonable Faith staff. Also, any critiques you have of the POV shared above are welcome.

Interesting observations. We have several posters who teach at the university level, but as far as I know BioLogos does not have a specific college program or focus. Might be something to consider and an opportunity for ministry.

My daughter is on staff with InterVarsity at Emory University. She does not delegate apologetics to other ministries. She has done some reading in biology and OT hermeneutics, so she is aware of the various perspectives and tries to see the good in each one. She leans toward an evolutionary creation perspective, with a healthy dose of awe and wonder at God’s majesty and creativity in every corner of the universe.

So my proposal is straightforward: clone my daughter! :slight_smile:



InterVarsity Press will publish @swamidass’ book on December 10. Joshua is a biology professor at Washington U St Louis, so his book will no doubt be an excellent resource for students and campus ministries who are open to exploring his CASE approach (Christian Affirming the Science of Evolution).

IVF staffers can of course get copies at deep discount.


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Chris, being highly invested in college ministry, what do you see as the best approach and the greatest needs that apply to the science/faith issue on college campuses?

On our site, we do have a “Campus Ministry” Resource Center.

It is a curated look of our materials that may benefit discussions at the college level, including personal stories from professors and students.


Great resource! I am embarrassed that I did not look there. Of course, that still depends on someone seeking and finding it. I wonder if a more active role on college campuses might be helpful.


It would be really cool to someday have a college ambassador program or something!


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