All Things Created Through Christ, Galaxies Included!

Are science and religion at war? Many people today believe they are in conflict. BioLogos exists to show that you don’t have to choose between modern science and biblical faith.

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Beautiful little video. Nice to show our friends who are unaware of how Christianity and science are compatable. (Corrected!)


Yes, an inspiring video

Deb, beautiful article. Kinda made me sad though, I am a member of a church where they believe in young earth philosophy. I’ve even been asked to teach a Sunday School lesson on apologetics, using young earth materials. I just can’t do it. I can’t teach something I do not believe. I love my church, we have great people, but this is beginning to be a stumbling block for me. My wife and I have served here for over twenty years…it’s hard to consider going elsewhere.


Is their any room for adding anything to these young earth materials? Can you think of a way to prepare them for the challenge of science so they don’t lose their faith when they confront it? This might be something worth striving for. Even if you don’t believe in YEC, you still believe in the value of Christianity, right? I think this YEC way of thinking is ultimately doomed and biggest problem is it can end up destroying the faith of these young people. Is there anything you can do to save them from this machination of the devil?

That is a tough position, if leadership has said that that is the curriculum you have to use. Perhaps step out that Sunday for a trip out of town. If you have a good relationship, perhaps you can discuss your specific concerns with the leadership, but if they are pushing it, they may sacrifice your friendship for their dogmatic belief.

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Going against the majority, or even the established belief is hard. You only have to look at the reactions on this forum to see what happens when you disagree. If your church is loving and caring they should not hold any variance against you. And Romans 14 gives you the right to have your own views. Say no. What’s the worst that can happen? If they decide to eject you they are not worth grieving over. I am almost certain they won’t.