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I grew up in what is sometimes called a “low church” tradition that didn’t observe much of the church calendar. We certainly didn’t participate in rituals we thought were attempts to earn the favor of God — though, to be fair, others thought we attempted to earn God’s favor by the things we didn’t do.

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Well said Jim. Interesting to think we share the same DNA as Jesus (literally we have some of the same atoms that made up His actual DNA, in some of our bodies), who also shared DNA with all of the organisms leading up to man. That is a new angle that I hadn’t really thought about. It becomes even more interesting when you think about Jesus having a Y chromosome (or not).

To respond your thought about viruses, no, they are not alive and some of them are RNA based.

Thanks ellis22b. Jesus would have had to have had a Y chromosome, right? There’s some pretty important stuff on there! But I suppose it is fair to ask what Jesus’s Y chromosome looked like compared to Joseph’s. And when we accept that the Incarnation does not have a scientific explanation, there are any number of possibilities–including that it did look like Jesus’s came from Joseph, even though Joseph didn’t have anything to do with its transmission. The Holy Spirit could have used Joseph’s DNA as a model. This is pure speculation… I suspect Jesus’s phenotype was thoroughly that of a 1st century Jew in Palestine; presumably his genotype was too.

Please do not get the Incarnation confused with the Virgin Birth or more accurate the Virgin Conception.

I was told that the Church of Rome believes that Mary is eternally physically a Virgin, even after the delivery of the infant Jesus.

Also some Christians believe that the divine sperm and human ovum came together to create the Son of God. That has been long denied because then Jesus would be half human and half God, neither human or God, but a tertium quid, a third kind of being.

Jesus is fully God and fully human in every way except for sin.

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