All four moderators in the same place! (picture)

I was thrilled that all the mods (myself, @Christy, @Casper_Hesp, and @jpm) were able to make it to our Christ and Creation conference in Houston two weeks ago. This was quite the feat, since we hail from three countries. It was an incredible time with these wonderful individuals. It’s a great reminder of a place like the Forum can bring together a community of people who would otherwise never be in contact—let alone meet in person!

I know some of you were watching on live-stream during the conference. For those that missed it, don’t worry…we will be releasing a number of videos over the coming months.


I have to say, this Fantastic Four deserves an image suitable for framing … and maybe even for placement somewhere eternal ‘within’ the Temple Mount … not to be disclosed until the End of Days…

Hope you like the “curation” …

Readers, be sure to click on the image for the full size… (then you can do a Screen Shot for your own collection …)

You are all gorgeous … like buttah…

@jpm, @Casper_Hesp, @Christy, @BradKramer

I couldn’t decide which emoji best expressed my reaction to this post.

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A :heartpulse: or a :sparkling_heart: should suffice… :smiley:

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I especially like the way the candle light gleams off of the rims of your glasses… nice touch!

Why thank you! Your rendition is flattering as there is less of me in the photo. My chin hair is a fairly recent addition, and one of my co-workers commented that she liked it, as it “gives a shape to your face other than round.” Thanks- I think.

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I too have the requisite chin hair.

It is the logical thing to add when one’s chin (such as mine) is threatening to disappear into my neck. Ugh. Aesthetically, it is the perfect response, and there’s less to do every morning.

As to your other comment… for symmetry’s sake, you can see I enthusiastically removed a good bit of the skinny guy too!

This photo makes me sad–sad because I could not get to Houston to meet the four of you. Especially you, Christy, have become a part of family to me. All of you constitute an antidote to the world news that threatens to dominate out attention. Keep it up.
Al Leo


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