AiG/BioLogos debate about Adam and genetics, happening today (live-stream info)

Today, starting at 3PM EST, our own @DennisVenema will be speaking alongside Nathaniel Jeanson of Answers in Genesis about Adam and genetic science. I just found out that the venue (Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary) will be live-streaming: Redirecting.... Full schedule here: Evolution, Genetics and Historical Adam Conference Tickets, Fri, Apr 7, 2017 at 3:00 PM | Eventbrite.

I will be watching from Grand Rapids, and I hope some of you will join me. (I’m sure the YEC folks will be watching, it would be good to have representation from the EC side as well.)

Ain’t the internet great? :desktop:


I noticed this on the AIG site, so glad you posted. Of course, they add a few little digs as usual.

I checked the schedule–the time is EDT.

Oops, I often forget that distinction.

Hopefully @DennisVenema will tell all the curious listeners to come check out our discussion forum. :wink:

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Thanks for posting this - your prayers are appreciated!


So I looked at the bios of the speakers from that second link and I thought, wait, this guy just has a BS in biology. That’s not even sportsman-like. But then I googled him and he has a PhD in cell and developmental biology from Harvard. Why would you not mention that in your promo material? I’m usually annoyed because I don’t feel like “the other side” gives scientists appropriate recognition for their credentials (like when @Swamidass was a “computer scientist” on the EvNews&Views blog) but this time I think it’s Dr. Jeanson who has the right to be annoyed.

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@Christy I noticed that as well. SEBTS is a neutral party, so I wouldn’t ascribe any ill intent (Venema’s PhD is not mentioned either), but yes, that is definitely an oversight on their part.

Annnnd it begins by Jeanson quoting my conversation with him over chinese food in Atlanta… :rice:

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Annnd the Forum gets a shout-out too! :rolling_eyes:


Wow, you really get around. Way to use our under-utilized Asian theme emojis. :bento::sake::ramen::sushi: (That second one is sake in case you’re wondering. I’ve heard a few rounds make a debate more interesting.)

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I’ve been listening to Jeanson for 15 minutes but haven’t heard anything about “Adam and genetics” so far. But he certainly appears to be unhappy with those who disagree with him.

I hope that fair-minded viewers will question whether his quotation of a single post by a single member of our discussion boards, saying something that has repeatedly been challenged here, was a good use of Jeanson’s time, and really demonstrates anything at all.

I bet they would love the use of some of posts made by the young earth community that have been made on the boards as being representative…

Also, should I point out that AiG doesn’t even let other perspectives make comments anywhere?

I just invited everyone to come discuss the debate here in the comments of SEBT’s FB page. If the forum explodes, have fun, because I’m going to be in a car all day tomorrow, so no playground duty for me. I think I’ll start a nice welcoming thread, just in case anyone shows up.


Indeed. I wish I could recall his exact choices of words but Jeanson seemed to imply that Biologos should have immediately censored such a forum comment—which is what the many PAID moderators at the various Answers in Genesis forums would have allegedly done. (I say “allegedly” because, in fact, the paid moderators at the various AIG discussion forums are perfectly fine with people posting very ungracious comments as long as those negative comments are referring to Ken Ham’s opponents.

I thought Jeanson got off to a very poor start by basically whining about how “unfair” everyone is to him and his associates. But what shocked me most was that he would complain that Dr. Todd Wood (a Young Earth Creationist who shares a great many of his positions including denial of the Theory of Evolution) had allegedly failed to explain how the Theory of Evolution was not a theory in crisis and has valid evidence behind it. I’ve heard various AIG staff express disdain for Todd Wood’s positions over the years but I’m surprised that Jeanson would take the time to remind audiences just how much they consider Wood a “compromising YEC” for not being as dismissive of evolutionary theory as they think a Young Earth Creationist absolutely should be.

This vestigial organ stuff strikes me as being out of place; don’t evolutionary biologists agree that while vestigial organs are a remnant of our evolutionary past, they have also been co-opted by natural selection to perform different functions than the ones for which they originally came about? Vestigial organs have functions; just not the functions they once had farther up the tree.

Yes. They retain some limited function.

I just got here…was taking care of my elderly parents. Did I miss much? Guy is in a Gish Gallop now. Will this be available on demand? Wish I could ask this guy to explain female hyena anatomy…