AI worship music

Well, this definitely checks both “faith” and “science” boxes, and also weirds me out a little. What do you think of AI writing and performing gospel music?

The press release says J.C. was designed to be a “forefront runner in the Metaverse on Meta” and if your brain is already feeling a little wobbly you may want to back out now, because we’ve already got J.C.’s first single. It is, as far as we know, the first Gospel song written by an algorithm, recorded by an algorithm and preformed by, that’s right, an algorithm. It’s called “Biblical Love,” and the press release says it is “about unquantifiable love beyond description or measure – a love of biblical proportions that transcends to everyone and everything!”

STOP IT. AHHHHH But will it have a chorus that says the same phrase four times and a key change? if not, it’s not real worship music. :rofl:


J.C. might give Danny Gokey a run for his money in the lyric writing department.

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Nothing horrifying for me in this. Hilarious maybe and even hopeful for seeing the demise of the worship of musicians and entertainers. I think it is rather bizarre how musicians and entertainers have gone from the most despised to the most venerated. I think we definitely need to find a more reasonable balance in that regard and this is only one of the signs that this is coming quite soon as the internet makes it possible for far more people to be a part of the entertainment industry.

Will we have famous actors and musician joining Elon Musk in making dire warnings of the dangers of AI? LOL Yes, I put his “sky is falling” reaction to AI down the threat he sees in this for engineers and his own personal bid for divinity. AI will definitely change things drastically and will certainly put us in our place with regards to many God given abilities which we think make us great.

Yeah, I’m trying to see both sides of it… as the article points out, worship music has been commodified for decades now, so this isn’t that much of a leap from that.

Yeah, that’s a good point… I would love to see more people recognize their God-given talents to make music and other arts without worrying about whether they’re “good enough” or as good as those who do it professionally. Maybe AI will push us to recognize the “human elements” in arts rather than how well they’ll sell.

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They can program that. I think American country music is all generated by computers set to full automatic…which I believe is what soldier call " rock and roll" if its a machine - gun.


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xϸ ← Does that communicate adequately? (I.e., blech.)


Now A.I. are saying they’re just being Biblical. Great… :roll_eyes:


Could be a useful comparison though… maybe next time any of us hear “I’m just being biblical,” we can encourage others to pursue specifically those things that AI can’t do. :wink:


From amplified music, a pounding bass that says, “I need a root canal,” insipid tunes, and dumb lyrics, and the Shiny Jesus Song, Lord deliver me.

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Sadly, if it came on over The Message on Sirius radio, I wouldn’t notice, except to maybe change the channel as I really gag at the whining and pained voices that fill the channel these days.


My daughter just showed me a YouTube video with a guy named Calum Scott singing that song with 7 million views. So is Calum Smith a robot?

The plot thickens and Julie Roys is on the case… Artificial Intelligence Worship Artist Sparks Controversy

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There is no such thing as AI. My first years postgrad were on this topic. Most workers including me were a lot less excitable than their grant proposals and media releases suggested.

In a way, WE are AI. God’s AI. As far as I know, He never delegated that creative capacity to us. And certainly I see no evidence of that taking place.

Here’s a thought. The human genome is well under a gigabyte of information. We each have a thousand times that capacity in our pockets, and many times more accessible.

What’s more, the vast majority of that genome is held in common with species with no higher intelligence.

Hmmmmmm… interesting, thanks for sharing. Maybe the Relevant article may have overstated things.

Yeah… we have a tendency to personify all kinds of things, even things we didn’t create (so much of children’s media revolves around talking animals), so maybe that’s all we’re really doing with what we call “AI.”

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