Adam and the Genome

Does anyone know if there is a second edition in the works for Adam and the Genome: Reading Scripture After Genetic Science (2017)?



Sounds like a fine band name.


Here is @DennisVenema 's most recent book:

And a podcast discussing: Podcast: Dennis Venema & Michael Peterson | Intellect in the Service of Christ


I would suggest that one really should read the following response”

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Thank you! I will check it out.


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I would suggest that very few here will bother to read anything from a YEC organization. (I won’t – I used to be a YEC.)

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I tried to read it, but got bogged down with the many poor arguments and either lack of understanding or misdirection. A typical statement in it,” For example, even though the support is very small, this does not mean there is zero evidence for things like geocentrism or even a flat earth.” He seemingly is unconcerned of how science works. So many questionable statements, but not worth the time to list.

  • I would like to point out that the book identified in the OP is entitled “Adam and The Genome”. Is there a book entitled “Eve and the Genome”? or “Adam & Eve And the Genome”?
  • It’s no surprise to me that books and theories originating in patriarchal societies would start or focus on the premise that almost everything starts with males. But what would books and theories originating in matriarcharl societies start with: the premise that almost everything starts with females or would they start with another premise, one more “socially equitable”?

That gets a little confusing, as Eve was technically a clone of Adam if we are talking literal readings mixed with scientific materialism.

So, scripture aside, science says Eve was a clone of Adam? Is it impossible that Adam was a clone of Eve?

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Outside of scripture, Adam and Eve are just names.

So, outside of scripture, the rooster could as easily have been the clone as the chicken, right?

Not sure I follow. I was referring to Eve being made from Adam’s rib. Chicken ribs don’t have much meat on them.

I think one first has to accept what the Apostle Paul very clearly states in Hebrews 11.

Creation is a miracle of God…not an experiment of science. There is nothing scientific about speaking the universe and more specifically to us, the earth, into existence

1 Now faith is the assurance of what we hope for and the certainty of what we do not see. 2 This is why the ancients were commended.

3 By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.

  • Excuse me?
    • The OP starts with a book that assumes that Adam has a Genome.
    • I ask why there’s no book that assumes Eve has a Genome.
    • You say, because Eve was a clone.
    • I ask: "What if Adam was the clone and Eve was “the Original”?
    • Then you say: “Adam and Eve were just names.”
    • So, I say: Okay, let’s get rid of the names and think of them as animals: one male and one female?
    • And you’re gonna give me a hard time over switching from humans to birds?
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Ok, Eve and Genome it is. It has been a while since I read the book, but as I recall, neither the science half of the book nor the theologic half really considered them separately. And the title was a little more catchy than Noah and His Amazing Y Chromosome.

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Secular feminist theory and criticism dismantles and levels power relationships that have been constructed to gain and maintain patriarchal power systems. That is more socially equitable. So the answers to your questions are maybe/not sure and yes.

The success of feminism (along with many other theories that focus on dismantling inequitable power relationships) is one of the reasons we are seeing more and more so-called special groups of human beings demanding equal protection under the law, equal access to all aspects of life in society. And it’s not just related to gender. Women, people with disabilities, racial groups, ethnic groups, s-e class, etc. A feminist/matriarchal view is not analogous to a “maleist”/patriarchal view.


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