Acta Pillate (Acts Of Pillate )

Eusebious ,Origen,and of course Tertullian.These early church fathers refered to Acts of Pillate a collection of texts claiming to have eyewitnesses who have seen the Chirst ressurected from the dead.Now the most common one close to this we have is the Gospel Of Nicodemus a medieval lie twisting the original texts.

The earliest from of the texts however are in greek and are nowhere close to the legends and myths the latin medieval church compossed.Αfter many hours of reasearch i couldnt find any academic work who tries to define the date of the text.

Since 3 (maybe even more)church fathers recite it it must have existed sometime in the past .What date do scholars agree on the older form of the acts we have?
And if the orginal texts arent the ones the church fathers mentioned what might have happened to them?

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