About the great filter and abiogenesis, a short hypothesis

There is no evidence of abiogenesis in nature at present, apart from questionable examples in laboratory conditions, in this regard and if one the planet saw a change in its conditions that make it impossible for them to predestine at present or two, perhaps the laws of physics change in such a way that only in a period were there the conditions for them to appear, not even the conditions for their survival could no longer be optimal at present, that would explain the lack of observation of aliens, since the great filter would be reformed, what do you think? …

Life is all the evidence necessary.

Read Nick Lane’s The Vital Question.

The laws of physics are eternal, and prevenient of God.

Aliens - their radio - cannot be detected because the distances are absurd: no signal can survive the noise. Interstellar travel is absolutely impossible.

The Hadean is not reproducible by many orders of magnitude along the dimensions of time (7) and space (8) applied to geology (marine olivine) and chemistry.

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You intrigue me Isaac : ) You are of an El Salvadoran dynasty. Either your questions mean that you have an epistemology that gives direct, simple rise to them or you’re BBC or CIA level. I’m 99% sure it’s the former, but you ‘like’ my extremely robust responses. With regard to them, what do you think?

Incorrect. There is plenty of evidence – all the evidence we can rationally expect. We can demonstrate how the chemistry in the conditions of the planet early in its history produces the molecules we see in living organisms. We can demonstrate how chemical systems can self-organize and evolve.

So frankly this is the same sort of nonsense that claims there is no evidence of evolution because we don’t see monkeys turning into people – childish demands for evidence which is only evidence for how determined people are to impose their fantasies on reality.

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