A Visual Conversation about God and Evolution

An artist explores the harmony between science and faith on canvas.
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Thank you for a beautiful meditation and beautiful art.

Your central theme, the threefold form of life and reality, including humanity (which is a better word than mankind) is very important and is contrary to the common theological view of the dualistic mind/body model of science, philosophy, and theology. This clear understanding of reality enables people to escape the problematic dualism of Western thought and grow into the relational understanding of Christianity.

My only quibble would be with your terminology. I prefer body, mind. and spirit to body, soul, and spirit. An important issue with the soul is that most theologians use the phrase immortal soul, which is not a Biblical teaching. This phrase is not found in the Bible.

Another important note. You quote Hebrews which quotes Psalm 8 saying that God created humans “a little lower than the angels.” This is what the Greek LXX Bible says, but the original Hebrew uses the word “Elohim,” which normally used to mean God and is only translated “angels” in this instance. I prefer the Hebrew meaning, God created humans a little lower than hi9mself, that is in God own image.

God is Trinity as humans are trinity, body, mind, and spirit. God used evolution to create humans in God’s own Trinitarian Image.