A victory won: God's glory and the adjunct life, Title IX, and the Americans with Disabilities Act

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Adjuncts have to be the most exploited of all educated people, and I had had enough after dealing with both that job for eight years and bipolar disorder for 23 years at the same time.

So American history and especially the civil rights movement taught me how to complain.

I am living in Dallas and teaching as an adjunct in American history at a community college. I recently won a victory based upon the Americans with Disabilities Act and Title IX of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, regarding reasonable accommodations for people with mental health disabilities. I requested a class of 25 students instead of 40 and my college granted the request. I invite anyone to email me if they have concerns for themselves or family members regarding the rights this Act or Title IX provide. I am still learning and will try to help, and have a desire to be permanently involved with the disability issue long term. (jbabraham88@yahoo.com).

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What this has to do with anything usually discussed here, I don’t know.

Still, well done.

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It allows Josh to better teach about the intersection of faith and science in his classroom. Since that’s what he teaches.

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