A Playful Parade Image Honoring 60th Anniversary of DNA

(George Brooks) #1

Thought this would be a good slide for someone’s presentation… someday …

The description I found with the image was:

Gene Tech Pharma Labs employees, celebrating the 60th anniversary of DNA (it’s discovery I guess?), wearing colored hats … [with my own comment: and lots and lots of practice during lunch hours?]


(Brad Kramer) #2

DNA is only 60 years old?? This changes everything!!

(George Brooks) #3

Now THAT is funny …

(Larry Bunce) #4

The photo is labeled ‘60th anniversary of Gene Tech Pharma Labs,’ not of DNA. DNA was first isolated in 1869 by the Germans, and its double helix structure discovered in 1953.

(George Brooks) #5


Well, since I’m the guy who labeled the photo and the thread … I guess it’s up to me to figure it all out. All I did was subtract 60 from 2017 = 1957, and I thought: that sounds about right.

But I can see now, there’s some dust in the air.

Firstly, Genetech should not be confused with Genentech.
Secondly, they seem to be intentionally hard to find online.
Thirdly, it doesn’t appear to have a foundation or creation date anywhere near 1957.
And then there is GENtech… no “e” between Gen and Tech.

At the bottom of the Wiki article is a link to Gentech:

Another veil? When clicked, it takes you to:

This article says the company is based in Florida …

But the Wiki article is more specific:
“Operations: Gentech Pharmaceutical has corporate offices in Clitheroe, England and Fort Myers, Florida – United States and production facilities in Miami and Orlando, Florida – United States.”

And then there is this website, which leads to Pakistan …But at least it is spelled correctly !!!


Same Company? I just can’t tell.


But how about on the History side? I found this reference to 1957 in the DNA wiki article:

“In an influential presentation in 1957, Crick laid out the central dogma of molecular biology, which foretold the relationship between DNA, RNA, and proteins, and articulated the “adaptor hypothesis”.”

" Final confirmation of the replication mechanism that was implied by the double-helical structure followed in 1958 through the Meselson–Stahl experiment. . . . These findings represent the birth of molecular biology."

If I were a corporate PR person, who needed something to celebrate, this seems to be as good a reason to celebrate 2017 as any other reason!

(Larry Bunce) #6

I tried to look up Gene Tech to see if they were founded in 1957 before my reply, but found the same confusing links you did. I thought it was interesting that commercial genetic engineering began within 4 years of the discovery of the chemistry of DNA.


Yes, it was invented by evil atheist scientists.

(George Brooks) #8


I think the corporate directors aren’t saying “commercial engineering” began in 1957 … but that Molecular Biology, the basis of all later efforts at engineering, was born in 1957.

Whether this is “legit” or “semi-legit”, it does give everyone in the town a reason to have a parade with a nice round number!