A pastor and a doctor counter Covax deceit

I saw this story on TV a couple of days ago and it keeps coming back to mind and I keep thinking it might be relevant to the BioLogos community.

Why some Aboriginal people are too scared to get vaccinated - ABC News Why some Aboriginal people are too scared to get vaccinated - ABC News

Summary: some among the indigenous community in a Western Australian town have been deceived by Internet lies that vaccines contain “luciferase”, a kind of “body of the devil”. Those lies came from a US “pastor” via a Queensland man. Their local pastor, who is indigneous, and his wife, a local doctor, are working to try to counter that deception.

As a new Christian I’m still sounding out how much agency to attribute to Satan, but this looks so much like spiritual warfare. Fancy Satan serving his own ends through invoking fear of himself, deceitfully associated with good works. So meta. Praise God for working through that pastor-doctor couple.


I just read this, this morning (and she had a quasi-legitimate reason for rejecting the vaccine):

And all that nonsense about nanochips in vaccine… like the government really cared where I was. :roll_eyes: :crazy_face:

“Alert alert, Dale’s at Krispy Kreme again”

Actually, if you believe Edward Snowden, there are elements of that. Pretty peripheral though.



I could be concerned about that if I disregarded the scriptural mandates to be subject to human authorities. Thankfully, I’m not in a situation where I see civil disobedience being necessary any time soon. Then I would be more concerned.


(I am reminded of this):

Nanochips? Nahh. Tracking your internet id and your personal information yes.

Makes you wonder what they think about the Australian glow worm which uses a luciferase for bioluminescence.

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