A Liturgy of Praise to the King of Creation

If anyone is familiar, this liturgy was taken from the book, Every Moment Holy, by Douglas Kaine McKelvey.

I hope this prayer/liturgy speaks to you!


I love this.

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“The King of Quarks” :smiley:
I love it – that was beautiful. I was thinking about getting that book for our family and now I think I’ll have to.

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My mom got it for me last year and I really love it! It’s got some gems, certainly. A really special one for medical providers that I printed for my husband to carry in his wallet.

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We are formed through worship, through song, through our corporate liturgy. And lack of these can also play its role in lack of formation. “Tell me what you sing, and you’ll show me what you really believe.”

Perhaps BioLogos can collect such items and offer them as a resource to the church. (I’m a hymn-writer and psalm-setter, and sometimes include science in my own work.)


Yes! And a shared story. That’s vital for spiritual formation too. Perhaps the most important of all.

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That would be very cool!

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Is this a liturgy that is actually used as a worship service? My favorite liturgy is the “Exultet” (aka Exsultet) which is sung at the Great Vigil of Easter.

It was recently published in a book of personal liturgies called Every Moment Holy. They say they can be used in many ways, but are not tied to any denomination tradition. An inspired man who wrote down some lovely prayers for the every day.

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Glad you like the idea! How might it be done?

I can PM you!

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