A hospital chaplain's double vision

A hospital chaplain’s double vision

“I routinely saw patients who were racist, sexist, demanding, and cruel. They were also afraid, exhausted, in pain, and helpless.”

This is an article published by The Christian Century. It was written by Bailey Pickens, a hospital chaplain. I thought it would be of interest because it touches on several topics recently discussed at BioLogos, such as the Imago Dei and sexual harassment.

Yes. Very insightful. It is with God’s double vision seeing our complexity that we recognize both suffering and responsibility in our fellow creatures. That does include predators and victims, politicians and the downtrodden. Thank you.

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Thank you for reading this.

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I have to confess it actually was really helpful for me. I have been trying to put myself in my patients place, and this Did a good job of emphasizing how much loss of control they have. I think we all react from fear of loss of control in many ways. Sometimes, it’s more apparent in medical setting than in others. it’s particularly poignant, because those who give care sometimes are perceived as the threat.


A good read. And while I share Randy’s experience, it seems that we see much the same things on these message boards. People who have their worldviews challenged and threatened (and I am talking about both sides by the way) who then get defensive and manipulative, trying to isolate themselves from the inward pain of loosing control of their narrative. I have to make a conscious effort to step back and get perspective at times.


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