A good (and long ; - ) interview with our late brother, Tim Keller

Wide-ranging and interesting, it touches on doubt and apologetics among other things, but maybe most importantly, about confidence and reasons why (citing N.T. Wright).

“He really really really did rise from the dead.”

[about a third of the way down.]


That was a great section! It was pretty neat to see the level of sincerity and self-awareness Keller had to be able to have a realization like that.

“He really really really did rise from the dead.” And I said, “Well, didn’t I believe that before?” Of course I believed it before, I defended it, and I think before I certainly would have died for that belief. But actually, there were still doubts in there, and the doubts were taken down 50 percent or something. I didn’t even know they were there. And it was a wonderful experience It was both an intellectual and emotional experience: You’re facing death, you’re not sure you’re going to get over the cancer. And the rigorous intellectual process of going through all the alternative explanations for how the Christian Church started, except the resurrection, none of them are even tenable. It was quite an experience.

The thing is, and I’m glad for Keller’s realization, but someone doesn’t need to read a 800 page book to be confident Christ rose from the dead.

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But they should have a preacher pastor who did or is going to :grin:

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