A God Who is “mighty to save”: A question about witnessing strategy with professors

Have you ever done a good deed and been asked what is your motive for doing it?

One thing I realized after getting my degrees related to history, science, and religion was that dead people’s stories matter to the living if the teacher talks about how the dead treated one another.

I heard this professor at Regent College in Vancouver talk about the Bible and “solidarity, resistance, and liberation.”

I have written a lot on this forum about YECs and ID and my interest in issues.

But I wonder as I meet nonbelieving professors if one aspect of witness to them could be showing solidarity with them.

So here’s what I know

  1. Adjuncts with no other source of income are really struggling at the community college level and sometimes homeless even
  2. The trustees in my former community college system did away with the deans who gave professors support at each college
  3. Nobody seems to use the faculty lounge
    4.Since COVID, a lot of professors stopped seeing each other at all
  4. So many classes are being taught online that the building is not being used much

So I talk to one bio prof about the culture wars over science and religion. But I wonder if I should be talking to him about the fear the profs have about speaking out about what the trustees have done. And what I have said above.

God sees these professors. In their deep isolation and fear. I think the Holy Spirit could act if their situation were publicized outside the college somehow. The Dallas Morning News is on the side of the trustees.

Amy thoughts? I thought of speaking at a city council meeting about local professors’ isolation. Just to publicize and then talk to my friend later.