A Glossary of Evolutionary Terms

Quick background. I am not a natural scientist. Despite my desire to grow in my understanding of evolutionary science, my mind naturally flows in the streams of theology and philosophy. Add to this that scientific discussion on the Biologos Forum is often technical and precise (which is a good thing), I do sometimes find it hard to keep all the technical lingo in my head. Some of it is ‘locked in’ from reading articles/books, but much I find I need to remind myself of regularly. Probably, because I don’t deploy it in conversation on a regular enough basis.

Long story short, I did some googling and found the following glossary of evolutionary/biological terms:


I don’t know how accurate/up to date all the entries are, but it seemed like a good page to bookmark and one that I’m sure others will benefit from too.

Blessings, Liam


Thanks for sharing.

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Seems more than comprehensive. Am not convinced that it is unbiased.


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