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Hi there, I’m new here at BioLogos. I’ve read The Language of God and am in the middle of The Language of Science and Faith. I’ve got a few questions for anyone that will lend their time. Is there a commentary book that can be read alongside my Bible that aligns with the BioLogos beliefs? And then my second question is do we have a resource for finding churches that accept/promote the BioLogos values?


Welcome to the forum! I know of no one book that can be read as a commentary, but there are a lot of books listed on the site that are helpful. I think that you will find many mainstream commentaries are consistent with the views held by Biologos. I enjoy reading Walton, Wright, and a little Enns but there are other great authors out there too. It seems the more academic study Bibles like Oxford or New Interpretor’s Study Bible are more consistent and more neutral in that they do not push a specific agenda. Biologos is a “big tent” and there is quite a bit of diversity of belief within the fold.
We look forward to knowing more about you and your journey!

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Okay thanks for the info!!! I really appreciate it.

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There isn’t a “BioLogos commentary” but here are some references you might find helpful.

The IVP Bible Backgrounds Commentary gives important perspective on the ANE culture of the OT, to avoid importing modern meaning to the texts.

The Story of God Commentary series is edited by Scot McKnight and uses an EC compatible approach to Scripture.

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Fantastic!! Thanks Christy. Both of these look great!!

I forgot your second question. There is no such resource. You aren’t the first to wish it existed, but churches are not exactly begging to get their name on such a list. One thing you could try is contacting your most local chapter of the ASA (a professional organization for Christian scientists) and ask if they can put you in touch with someone familiar with churches in your area and see if they have recommendations. If there are churches that have hosted science-faith speakers, they would probably know. Depending on where you live you might have to settle for “not hostile to EC” in place of “accepts/promotes EC.”



Using PEW data as a guide, you would do well to focus on either the Catholic Church, or the “Mainline Protestant” denominations, like Congregationalists, Presbyterians and Episcopelians.

Thanks Christy!!! I will reach out to the local chapter of the ASA. I didn’t know it existed. Yes, in my case I believe the key will just be to find a “not hostile to EC” church since I live in south. Thanks for all your help!!! :smile:

And thanks for your help as well, George! I will look into these further and appreciate the insight.

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