A Cursory View of "the Reasonable Person Standard"

  • I was intrigued by wikipedia’s article: Reasonable person. Specifically:
    • “In law, a reasonable person … is a hypothetical person of legal fiction crafted by the courts and communicated through case law and jury instructions”
    • “Strictly according to the fiction, it is misconceived for a party to seek evidence from actual people in order to establish how the reasonable [ed. person] would have acted or what he/she would have foreseen.”
  • Having been chided for saying: “What?! Are you nuts?!”, I wonder if I can get away with asking someone: “Aren’t you being unreasonable?” :grinning:

Screenshot 2022-07-03 at 11-04-07 Reasonable person standard - Google Search

Some extol their rationality to the exclusion of other facts, using highly motivated reasoning. It just came up yesterday:

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